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BULLETIN Significance of Financial Planning

It is important to have a goal based financial plan in one’s life and the goal can be a wedding, higher education of children, buying a property, retirement planning etc.
Apart from the above one should also plan for protecting one’s family from unforeseen risks resulting in economic or monetary loss or distress etc.  So, planning for adequate insurance cover for life, health, property etc forms critical part of financial planning.
To accomplish different goals in life, financial planning plays a constructive role in realizing the same be it informal or formal.
The benefits of financial planning can be achieved through a following process.
    A financial planner or advisory can assist you in setting a realistic and achievable financial goals specific to the requirement of the investor. Also, financial planner can help you determine how much to save over a period to accomplish the set goals. It is always based on some assumptions which might change over the years due to assorted reasons. Therefore, it is vital that a well thought out financial plan alone can pave way for realization of goals set.
    It is always beneficial to have a financial plan in place at the start of the working careers. As the saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”, the general tendency with young working professionals the seriousness of a financial planning has not gained popularity and because of which they build a liability basket and service them long with their earnings. A small amount of money saved regularly in a disciplined manner can multiply and create wealth over a long-time period. When you are not sure about your long terms goals it becomes a formidable task for young people managing their money effectively. This is where a financial advisor can assist you.
    Budgeting is another important aspect while doing the financial planning. During you goal setting exercise one should have in mind the amount of money that can be saved towards making investments for long term goals. This assumes significance as saving enough for investments without sacrificing present lifestyle is essential. A careful budgeting exercise without compromising minor details can provide good scope for saving enough for investments without perceptible influence on the lifestyle.
    When a structured financial planning is in place, the income tax related issues are also taken care of simultaneously. Different investments products that helps the person to save from paying income tax under 80C, 80CCD, 80D etc. if not fully at least reduce the tax burden. Investments under ELSS mutual funds are the most tax efficient products available.
A personal financial planning can assist you in meeting one’s short term, medium terms and long terms ambitions. The efficiency and usefulness of financial planning is solely depending on the level of involvement and commitment in the course and progression.
“Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully”

Qutoe: "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow" - Robert Kiyosaki

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