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"Consuming knowledge can be fairly useless if you don't pair it with intelligent behavioral design and systems" - Ben Carlson
Power of compounding
Mar 29, 2020   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

  When you are young, you have "time" as a resource in abundance. Wealth creation is directly proportional to the time of investment due to the magic of compounding described by none other than Albert Einstein as the "biggest mathematical discovery".       

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Planning for retirement
Feb 26, 2020   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

Planning for your retirement at an early age will allow you to compound your money and build a sizeable retirement corpus to follow your passion post-retirement. It is possible if you set a financial goal and start investing in it early.  

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Early planning for retirement
Feb 26, 2020   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

If you diversify too much, you might not lose much, but you won`t gain much either.    

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Retirement planning
Feb 26, 2020   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

It is imperative to start preparing for a relevant retirement plan now.  

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Right Investments
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

If you do the right investment at the right time, in most likelihood you will get reasonable returns. http://ascentconsultants.org/mutual_funds-1O1.php    

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Debt Funds
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

If you are in your 60s and plan to retire, then you need to set your finances right immediately. Expert financial advice would be convenient and helpful to set you free from financial worries. Here`s a checklist you may target to overcome this situation. http://ascentconsultants.org/debt-funds.php    

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Retirement Planning
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

Retirement appears to be distant when you`re in your 40’s. However, the retirement horizon inches closer as you approach and reach your 50`s. It isn`t too late to take some steps to catch up if you find that your savings aren`t quite where you`d like them to be. http://ascentconsultants.org/goal-based-investments1O1.php          

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Goal based investments
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

As you inch closer to retirement, it’s important to be financially prepared for the costly expenses that come with age. In your 40’s you become a person that your family depends on. So to have a financial plan becomes vital.  

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Financial Decisions at 30
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

Either you control your money, or your money will control you. And when you reach your 30s, it’s time to take your finances by the horns and wrestle control of them.  

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Financial Decisions
Oct 30, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

When you are in your 20s, you are likely to make mistakes and learn from them as well. However, the benefit of investing early is that even if your long-term goals are not decided, good investment decisions and habits will most likely ensure that you have reasonable money to follow...

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Ignore the voices and plan for the future through investments - video
Oct 11, 2019   |   By Kannan Rangaswamy   

The video explains about how the external voices will affect investments decision which are purely based on certain events happened in the past. Whereas mostly the investments are being planned towards specific future financial goals. Every investment needs an objective or a purpose and an effective plan to execute...

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