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"A critical part of investing is distinguishing what looks easy in hindsight from what feels easy right now" - Morgan Housel

Mutual Funds Distribution

"A penny saved is a penny earned" - Benjamin Franklin

Ascent Wealth Welcomes You!

We are an AMFI registered Mutual Funds Distributor engaged in distribution of multiple financial asset classes like Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Mutual Funds, Tax Saver Funds, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Corporate Fixed Deposits etc. These are ideal and practical investments vehicle that offer investors opportunities to build wealth through professional management of their investible savings.

Being your trusted Mutual Funds Distributor, we assist you in understanding and choosing need-based financial products and effectively manage your money to accomplish targeted wealth and financial independence. It is important to have a goal based financial plan in one’s life and the goal can be a wedding, higher education of children, buying a property, retirement planning etc. A personal financial planning can assist you in meeting one’s short term, medium terms and long terms ambitions.

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Our Vision

With a thorough understanding of our clients and their investment goals, we provide insightful guidance and assistance by offering customized, long-term actionable solutions for achieving their bottom-line, targeted goals and ambitions.

Our Mission

Since investments are driven by our future requirements we reach out to as many clients as possible for investor awareness and promote the importance of goal oriented long-term investments for a financial well-being and a wealthier tomorrow.

Goal Based Financial Planning

An impeccable tool for wealth creation
Goal Based Financial Planning

As a Mutual Funds Distributor we assist our clients in building financial assets and wealth creation with a step-by-step process of Goal Based Financial Planning that help our investors to climb the wealth ladder and accomplish the financial goal pre-set. To put it simply, let us jointly set your financial goals and we’ll provide you with a investment plan to achieve the same. In a goal based financial planning be it short-term or long-term goals, it is vital and essential to take into consideration of changing inflation, Number of years horizon to achieve the set goals, investible savings, liquidity requirement for day-to-day life, nature of risk tolerance etc.

A good long-term investments planning includes protection through insurance, Tax saver investment, Contingency planning, specific goals like retirement, education, wedding, abroad visits etc. However, at the investment stage, these goals are often ignored, and we invest blindly. our investments should be dictated by our life goals. Their time horizon should be planned in such a manner that they would be available when it is time to meet our goals.

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why ascent?
Mutual Funds Distributor - AMFI Regitered
Assist our clients in building financial assets and wealth with a step-by-step process of Goal Based Financial Planning
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The KYC process is entirely paperless and the compliance is done through Bio-metric. You just need PAN and Aadhaar.
Create an on-line account. You just need a PAN, Aadhaar and a Bank Account with net-banking facility.
Transacting through Web, Mobile App
Automated portfolio, transaction history, Mandate Regn., Purchases & Redemptions, SIP, Capital gains etc.
Our other advisory services to clients
Our services include Life, Health and General Insurance, Best rated company's FD, NPS, Estate Planning.

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